Letter from the AD

Letter from the AD

Message from the Director of Athletics

The Springdale Public Schools District Athletic Department has a rich and proud history.
Conference and State Championships, as well as National rankings are part of our historical resume.

The Springdale Athletics Department believes athletics is an important part of our student’s educational experience. The mission of the Springdale Athletic Department is to develop each student athlete’s body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to LIFT each student athlete and prepare them for the next stage of life.

Student athletes in Springdale are proud and honored to wear their school uniform. Athletics in Springdale connects students, coaches, families, faculty, and communities. It creates lifelong relationships and memories.

The Springdale Athletic Department works every day to promote our student athletes and teams. We work with our community partners who invest their time, energy and resources. We work with the Springdale Athletic Foundation, the Athletic Hall of Fame committee and Varsity Club to enhance relationships and engage friends and alumni.

The Springdale Athletic Department was established in 1910 and the district included athletics as part of the mission statement stating, “Athletics in the school, is made to be a means to an end.”

Therefore, We honor the past. We create the future and we won’t let the DREAMS of our student athletes take a Vacation.

Wayne Stehlik
Director of Athletics
The Springdale Public Schools District